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Attestia Daesenso Privacy Policy


Guaranteeing the protection privacy and security of personal, company and marketing information is essential to our business.
We work within the framework of the law on privacy, data protection and security.

Attestia Daesenso will not capture any personal-identifiable information on any visitor, (i.e., name, address, telephone number or e-mail address ("personal information "), that has not been voluntarily provided through the contact form.

This Website does automatically capture personal information.

Any personal information provided through the form is used to answer questions raised in the comments and questions section, establish personal contact or send specific information.


Our aim is provide you with the very best service.
If you do not wish your information to be so used, please do not send it to us.

Attestia Daesenso never sells, hires, gives out or publishes personal information.

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