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Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research: Understanding the Reasons.

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Sensory Evaluation

Quantitative Research

Qualitative research is used to understand the attitudes and motivations that underlie consumers’ behaviour and the social processes which characterise it. It provides the reasons for consumers’ behaviour and preferences that were defined and quantified in the quantitative and sensory research.

Pre-Quantitative Research
Motivational Research
Advertising Pre-test
Advertising Post-Test

The information is obtained in focus groups, or, if the matter is subject to a rigid social code which might distort group discussion, through in-depth personal interviews.

The focus group provides a dynamic intercourse similar to those existing in society in which the most common roles appear: prescriptor, sceptic, creative, followers etc.

Through group discussion the emotional elements which influence rational judgement come to the surface.
Analysis of these identifies the real motivations behind decisions and behaviour.

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