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Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research Services

Qualitative Research

Pre-Quantitative Research
Motivational Research
Advertising Pre-test
Advertising Post-Test


Pre-test for defining quantitative research

Discussion groups for:
- defining questionnaires relating to the real motivations and interests of the target group.
- closing possible responses in precise and exclusive groups
- identifying opinion and behaviour variables which may affect research results, (for example, when consumption of a product or brand affects social status, when the target group may not desire to appear to belong to a socially questionable group)

Motivational Research

Motivational research endeavours to discover why consumers behave in a certain manner. It uncovers unconscious or underlying motives that influence consumer behaviour.

This kind of research, done in group or private interview, is designed to identify these forces and factors (cultural, sociological, etc.).

Generally, these unconscious motives exist in combination with conscious ones, such as cultural and social prejudice, economic variables and fashions.

Attestia Daesenso observes and analyses these factors regarding a product, brand or service to give our clients a better understanding of his target group and how to influence it

focus group

Advertising Pre-test

Evaluation of an advertising campaign before its launching or final production to ensure that the concepts communicated meet the communications objectives.

Advertising Post-test

Evaluation of a campaign’s recall and the concepts communicated.

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