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Quantitative Research Services

Investigación Cuantitativa

Market and Consumer
Mystery Shopping


Market Segmentation and Consumer Profile

Telephone or face-to-face quantitative research to define market segments and consumer profiles.
Major segmentation criteria:
- geographic, based on variables such as region, climate, population density
- demographic, based on age, gender, ethnicity, income, education
- psychographic, based on values, attitudes, and life-styles
- behavioural, based on product usage, brand loyalty, benefit needs and price sensitivity

Qualitative research, market tendencies and experience determine which technique, or which combination of techniques is most suitable in any given case.

Product Usage

Measures the frequency and intensity of product usage amongst the target group.

Aceptación de Productos

Mide el grado de aceptación de un producto o un concepto nuevo de producto entre su público objetivo.

Product Acceptance

Measures the degree of product or new concept acceptance amongst the target group

Service Quality

Measures the degree of satisfaction amongst users of a private or public service

Brand Awareness

Measures the spontaneous or suggested awareness of a brand, company or institution

Brand Image

Describes the image a certain target group has of a brand, company or institution

Advertising Awareness

Determines the number of people who claim to have seen a certain advertising campaign

Advertising Recall

Determines the number of people who can describe or recognise the content of an advertising message

Mystery Shopping

A quality service audit carried our by qualified researchers who act as clients in order to reproduce, as closely as possible, the experience of a real client. This technique is used for determining service quality indices, for checking procedures are correctly followed, for determining the role of the salesman in the purchasing process, for defining training needs and for process optimisation.

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