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Sensory Research:
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Attestia Daesenso carries out sensory research to measure consumer preferences on the organoleptic qualities of a product and its competitors.

Hedonic Sensory Analisis
Discriminating Sensory Analisis
Descriptive Sensory Analisis
Ideal Product Sensory Analisis
Preference Mapping
Packaging Test

Sensory research uncovers the strong and weak points of a product and its competitors and is useful in:
- new product development
- selecting prototypes
- evaluating existing products for improvement
- creating unique product profiles
- competitive product positioning
- controlling internal or external production

Attestia Daesenso carries out:
- CONLAB - Research in EEC standards approved laboratory under controlled laboratory conditions of illumination, temperature, preparation, etc
and, when the nature of the product, target group or consumption require it in:
- Hall test in suitable installations across the whole of Spain
- RECOM Home test in consumers’ homes when products are consumed over a length of time or when an authentic consumption environment is required (for example, where people may modify the product by cooking methods, adding other ingredients or using the product in a personalised manner)

To ensure that a representative sample covering the whole of Spain is obtained, Attestia Daesenso selects consumers born and raised in all geographical regions of the country.

Attestia DAEsenso has developed its own proprietary software to process the data according to current standards and to prepare tailored questionnaires and reports.

Specially trained experts carry out descriptive and discriminating sensory research.

Attestia DAEsenso carries out all sensory under the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2000 standard.

All Attestia DAEsenso's processes are certified by ENAC (Acreditación no 494/LE1032) for hedonic and sensorial análisis for food, pet foods, personal care products and household products according to Norma UNE-EN ISOIIEC 17025: 2008 (CGA-ENAC-LEC), para la realización de Análisis Sensorial y Hedonico.
Procedimiento lnterno PR-004


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