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Sensory Evaluation and Research Services

Sensory, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services

Sensory Evaluation

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Attestia Daesenso provides relevant information throughout the whole life cycle of a product or service.

Diagram of service structure during product life cycle

Product Concept and Consumer Research

Focus groups and in depth interviews to determine:
- product characteristics,
- consumer behaviour,
- consumer attitudes and behaviour
in order to define and classify concepts to be quantified in market research.

Understanding the Market

Telephone surveys (CATI), face-to-face surveys (CAPI), Postal and Internet (CAWI) research to quantify such marketing variables as:
- product acceptance
- market segmentation
- consumption estimates
- consumer profiles
- competitive positioning
- Price, brand, product name.

Product Development and Optimization

Sensory research to evaluate consumer preferences on:
- product performance
- product attributes
- packaging
- competition
Sensorial description of the ideal product and its comparison with the product in research.

Marketing Communications

- Brand and Product name testing
- Packaging test
- Advertising concepts and materials testing

Product Life Cycle

-- Descriptive and Discriminative Tests to:
- analyse production quality and uniformity
- evaluate changes in ingredients, production processes or packaging.
- determine shelf life
- Communication Post-Test
- Consumer Tracking

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